Broken but Still Functioning!

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"Austin M <3"


I think there was a miscommunication, 

Some missed information relaid to father time along the lines in regards to you and I. 

Something that came flawed in the design somethings fucked up in the system, the mechanism’s tripping.

& now I find myself somewhere where I don’t deserve to be. 

& for the record, you don’t deserve me. 

There’s no reason there should be I can understand that you live your life with a certain outlet but it’s my soul you shook.

& your carelessness ruined me.

Temporarily though so don’t worry I’ll be alright, I can sleep comfortably at night

In your blindness and lust you ruined your chances of a friendship, you tainted the trust. 

I won’t even front, I miss us so much but this substituted you with someone I can’t be friends with.

I refuse to be part of something untrue. 

I do love you and I know you love me but not enough to crave your touch such a shame,

You’ve become part of the game the statistic the same type of person you once claimed to hate. 

You don’t even know who you are.

So father time, the sand man, ran passed too quickly and this is the outcome.  

I fell in love with number one not number two & I refuse to be part of an unrequited love. 

I was supposed to find you after your liberation from lust, I was supposed to fall post redemption & now I question my judgment furthermore. 

My heart I recognize the lack of sense on their behalf 

& I am deeply remorseful of the actions taken. 

& the list of grievances I keep locked neatly away in a place I hide deep inside can make even you cry, but like I said, I’ll be alright


Fools Gold | Frankie Reese

I love everything about her

I want a girl like this everything from her short hair, to every little freckle and her lips. Just unfffffff


Just like a star across my sky,

Just like an angel off the page,

You have appeared to my life,

Feel like I’ll never be the same

(Source: authentic-portrayal)


I wait for you
I don’t know why
All I know, is I can’t hide
At this temperature, you take over my mind

Like gossamer
You softly touch
You draw me in, I’m powerless
He possesses an enchantment

Tell me I’m forgiven
He calls, don’t know how I feel under his spell
Lately I’ve been driven
He smiles, an enchantment

Missing him. I Love A.K.M


i find corinne bailey rae so insanely beautiful I can’t even be jealous, I just wanna look at her and listen to her music

Not ready

I’ve fallen in love with you before. I have you my heart and you deliberately broke it. Now you act like you want it back but I’m not sure I want you too. No matter how much I love you. I have to protect myself first.